Thassilon Awakens

It has been several years since Karzoug the Claimer attempted to return into the world to reshape Varisia in the image of ancient Thassilon.

Thanks to the heroics of a small group of resourceful adventurers, his plan was foiled and the Runelord was defeated, but his near return was a wake-up call. The threat of one runelord rising from slumber was bad enough, but six more remained hidden in secret places.

Varisia’s contentious factions and governments see that this is one peril they all share in common, and a race to prepare for the rising of another runelord (or, perish the thought, the rising of all six) has been growing — and chief among those seeking to prepare for such an event is Sheila Heidmarch.

A Venture-Captain of the Pathfinder Society, Heidmarch has vowed to not let Varisia be unprepared for future events of this magnitude. She has spent the last two years researching the ancient past, and her discovery of a legendary artifact has given her purpose. She hopes to locate the fragments of that artifact and rebuild it, so that if the runelords do rise, Varisia will have a potent defense indeed.

As an increasingly public figure, Sheila dare not seek out the artifact herself. What she needs are eager adventurers – preferably those who have not yet made names for themselves – to find the fragments of this artifact and rebuild it…

The Once And Future King

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