The Once And Future King

A Crime-Spree in Magnimar Perpetrated by…. The Pathfinders?

Moonday, 11 Desnus 4715 AR

Following an uneventful, albeit long, journey back to Magnimar, Roland and Fijit check in at Heidmarch Manor where Sheila informs them that over the last several days, a series of crimes has been committed with the perpetrators attempting to frame the Pathfinder Society.

As anxious as she is for the party to continue their quest for the next shard, she is also eager to get to the bottom of this recent crime spree and sends the duo to the Dockways to investigate a break-in and assault at a horticulture establishment known as The Dryad’s Trousseau.

Upon arriving, a young member of the town guard meets them and gives them a broken way finder that was found at the scene.

“Look, I know you Pathfinders are all right. Cap’n Heidmarch’s done good in this city, so I’m happy to help you start sortin’ out what’s behind these crimes. But public opinion is gain’ south. The sooner you figure out who the guilty parties are, the better. Good luck.” -Guard

The neighbor, an elderly woman named Mrs. Soap, chides the duo asking them to explain why “their lot” attacked “poor Mr. Chert”.

In something that vaguely resembles an interrogation, Roland and Fijit ask the lady some questions, attempting to gather more information on what happened, but fail to gain much insight into what occurred or who might have been behind it, so they decide to break into Mr. Chert’s shop.

Inside they find a broken planter and a metal plate which reads “Antaios”. Splitting up to investigate the shop, Roland comes across a strange plant, shaped like a jaguar made of thorny vines and covered in freshly blooming rosebuds,sits crouched in the corner among torn sacks of potting earth.

As he approaches, the plant lurches to life and attacks! As the gunslinger steps back to gain range for his weapon, the plant suddenly shrinks into a normal sized topiary and a plant behind him morphes into the shape of the jaguar and continues the assault.


When Fijit arrives a moment later, the pair make quick work of the living plant who leaves brown as it slumps over and dies.

In one of the strange creature’s clawed limbs, a bloody piece of cloth is discovered which Roland quickly recognizes as a satek – a type of bandana commonly worn by the Sczarni. Of more immediate interest is the fact that the sated is decorated with a repeating pattern of two cross candles – the symbol of a Sczarni gang known as the Twincandles.

Some quick research leads them to find that the Twincandles operate out of the district of Orphellia from a ruin known as Two-Lights.


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