The Once And Future King

Deeper in to the Caverns

Toilday, 5 Desnus 4715 AR

Pushing forth into the cavern complex, the party arrives at an intersection of four tunnels inside a sizable cave. The domed ceiling rises to a height of twenty feet and near the center of the cave stands a monument made of polished black basalt – seven-sided with the same great rune carved on each face. The top portion of the monument has broken away, revealing what appears to be a hollow space within in the shape of a female figure.

An astounding number of strange albino insectoid creatures, each the size of a man’s finger, scuttle and scurry along the walls.

As Roland steps forward to examine the monument, the scuttling sounds of three larger insects – the size of dogs – is heard from the ceilings as the strange creatures move to defend the lair.

The skirmish is brief and, after the slight delay, the monument is examined. Fijit recognizes the rune on the monument’s side as the ancient Thassilonian rune for ‘lust’.

Hydra.jpgMoving on to the next tunnel, the party continues for some distance before the cavern opens into a larger chamber. Forewarned by their less-than-stealthy approach, a fearsome multi-headed serpentine beast lies in wait, its multiple heads unleashing bursts of flame upon the party.

While Fijit tosses a bomb at the beast, Eran and Dorsavnil turn to flee. Roland, deeper into the chamber, finds himself cut off from the group and pursued by the snapping maws of the massive creature.

Finally, the gunslinger is able to evade the beast and the party flees for sanctuary, returning to Maroux’s isle to lick their wounds and start fresh in the morning.


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