The Once And Future King

Entrance Chamber

Oathday, 7 Desnus 4715 AR

On the heels of the late evening journey back to Maroux’s isle, the party gets a late start, not departing until nearly noon.

The return journey to the monument chamber is uneventful, and upon arriving, they take the final passageway that extends from the cavern.

CaryatidColumn.jpgAfter some distance, the rough cave walls give way to a chamber of worked stone, with walls made of blue-veined white marble. The ceiling is supported by columns masterfully sculpted to depict voluptuous warrior women wielding two-headed guisarmes, with each column unique and strikingly detailed. At the center of the room, a ten-foot-square shaft leads down into the darkness below.

As the group enters the chamber, four of the statues animate and move to attack. The ancient stone defenders strike mighty blows and their rock-hard exterior shields them from some of the party’s attacks, as Dorsavnil discovers when a mighty swing of greatsword results in not only a sizable chunk being taken out of not only one of the statues, but also a piece of his blade.

Fortunately, Roland and Fijit’s attacks prove effective and with Eran offering magical support, the chamber’s ancient defenders are destroyed.

Approaching the shaft once more, the group gathers round and stares into the darkness below that swallows all light as the shaft descends into utter pitch black darkness….


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