The Once And Future King

Eviction Notice

Toilday, 12 Desnus 4715 AR

Entering the small crypt, the pair navigate a series of chambers and passages, dealing with a minor skirmish before reaching a 30-foot-diamter cylindrical room, carved to resemble the interior of a swirling cyclone of air.

In the center of the room is a diverse array of glass flasks, plant-rubber tubes, mortars and pestles, and other alchemical ephemera, placed carefully on top of a large stone sarcophagus. A helical stairway, formed out of a plume of cut stone, ascends the interior of the hewn stone cyclone,ending at a balcony twenty feet above the floor.

As they approach, voices can be heard indicating that whoever is in the room is aware of their approach.

LalChowda.jpgEntering the chambers, a man steps from the shadows and makes a vicious attack while on the balcony above a fiendish looking humanoid tosses explosives onto the heroes. Roland breaks into the room and heads for the stairs, shooting at the alchemist as he does so while Fijit focuses her attacks on the man who stepped from the shadows.

Roland takes aim at the humanoid and the room as rocked by the jarring sound of an explosion as his pistol backfires and is destroyed.

Drawing his rapier to continue the assault, Roland is shocked when the alchemist draws a vial from his belt and consumes it, turning into a monstrous foe in the process with massive clawed forarms and vicious gaping jaw.

The beast steps forward and attacks with a flurry of claws and bites, while the gunless gunslinger attempts to hold his own against his massive foe.

Below, Fijit finally dispatches her foe and moves into the room to assist. While fearsome, their now lone foe is soon overwhelmed by their twin assault.

With their enemies slain, they search the room and in addition to treasure, they find a curious letter…


With their goal achieved, they inform the Twincandles and Sheila of the relevant points of what they uncovered. Now rearmed with supplies for the next leg of their original mission, the pair prepare to return to Eran and Dorsavnil the next morning.


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