The Once And Future King

Hack and Slash

Wealday, 6 Desnus 4715 AR

Following the near-disastrous fight with the pyrohydra, Maroux informs the party that in their absence, she received a missive from Magnimar addressed to them and hands over a letter from Sheila Heidmarch.


Now recovered from the prior day’s ordeal, the heroes decide to return to the cave of the hydra to slay the beast.

Nearing the cavern, Eran creates a magical bubble of silence to quiet their approach, and enter the cavern to see the alert beast intently watching the cave mouth entrance to its lair.

As the heroes silently approach, one the hydra’s five heads glances in their direction and hisses upon seeing them as the beast slithers forth to attach.

Once more, spouts of flame burst forth from the creature’s heads and Eran is incapacitated by the assault. Fijit tosses forth bombs which rain down on the beast’s hide while Roland hammers bullet upon bullet at it before Dorsavnil finally delivers the killing blow.

Reviving the Eran, the group searches the room and finds a notable amount of treasure scattered amongst the bones of the dead.

Retuning once more to the chamber with the monument, the group takes the next passageway to the left which after sometime weaves into a strange chamber whose walls are caked with sticky orange fluid. Inside of the muddy cavern, a humanoid creature resembling a muscular frog – known to Fijit as a Boggard, appears to meditate before a carving of a massive three-headed frog.

Daghop.jpgThe Boggard looks up as the group enters and lets out a tremendous croak before charging with a mighty warhammer.

Moments later, reinforcements – notified by the loud croak – rush into the room and turn the cavern into a wild melee of leaping Boggards attacking with maces and tongues.

In less than a minute, the heroes stand victorious over the bodies of their fallen enemies and as they search the area, Eran notes that the multi-headed frog statue is a representation of Gogunta, the demon god of Boggards.

In the next chamber, the reinforcements appear to have been resting and gambling as a large pile of coins and gems is discovered on a makeshift table. Ahead, the mouth of the cavern opens into shallow swampy area. Some two hundred yards away, a village can be seen.

As they approach, the village seems quite calm and they make their way to the closest hut, peeking inside, a single Boggard resides within – unfortunately that Boggard spots the party, croaks and fear and rushes out to defend itself. In a matter of seconds, croaks can be heard throughout the village and a swarm of Boggards descend upon the group.

Boggard.jpgRoland calmly takes aim at the approaching humanoids as the sound of gunfire echoes throughout the village. Keeping an eye for groups of foes, Fijit’s bombs explode with precision sending dead Boggards flying through air with each conclusive blast. Eran and Dorsavnil wade into those unlucky enough to make it into melee and before long, the village huts are stained with blood, as the heroes casually stride through the bodies of the dead.

Searching each hut individually, the group finds little. In the largest hut, three Boggard women stand in defiance, menacingly gesturing for the group to leave. Despite the language barrier, the party obliges, leaving the three Boggards as the village’s seeming only survivors.

In a hut on the outskirts, a foul stench wafts forth and a curtain of buzzing flies practically cloaks the entrance. Holding his breath, Dorsavnil enters and is nearly overwhelmed by the stench of decay.

In the middle of the hut sits a horrific mount of waste and garbage, mixed with the remains of dead bugs and wild animals. Lying next to the filth is a female troglodyte, unconscious and bound at her hands and feet.

Dorsavnil removes the troglodyte from the hut and Eran uses his healing magic to restore it to consciousness, while Fijit acts as translator.

Ultimately, the trogolodyte provides little useful information, instead insisting that she will put in a good word with her tribe about them for their actions in slaying the Boggard threat. What goes unsaid is how the troglodyte – slowly dying from filth fever – will return to find her tribe slaughtered and its leader killed.

Weary from battle, the group returns to the cavern where they first encountered the Boggards and beds down besides the corpses of their enemies.

As Dorsavnil takes first watch, he fails to notice a slitting swarm of snakes has entered the cavern and the venomous creatures attack the sleeping party who waken to sharp sensation of snake fangs sinking into their flesh from all over.

Leaping to action, Fijit throws bomb into the nest of vipers, decreasing its size with explosion, while the rest of the group – their weapons ineffective – hides.

Once the threat is eliminated, the group packs up their belongings and treks back to an area of safety to rest for the night – camping once more at Maroux’s isle.


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