The Once And Future King

Shards of Sin

Fireday, 10 Gozran 4715 AR

Weary from their battle with Natalya, the party recovers the shard and exits the building only to find a group waiting for them.

TowerGirlAmbush.jpgA woman with a whip, flanked by two Sczarni thugs demands the shard, which Dorsavnil declines to know anything about. The woman, angered by the insult, raises her hand crossbow to attack while the thugs move in.

After a few seconds of combat, Dorsavnil reaches into his pack and pulls out the shard. At the site of it, the woman charges forward to attack and with a mighty swing from her short sword, the blood rage goes down, the shard dropping from his hand.

Snatching the shard, she stops and drinks a potion to heal the wounds she incurred to get to the artifact.

As one of the Sczarni thugs goes down, Eran rejuvenates Dorsavnil and the two pursue the woman, cornering her. As she attempts to escape, Dorsavnil cuts her down and recovers the shard while the other thug is captured as a prisoner.

As they loot the bodies and restrain their prisoner, Dorsavnil grows impatient with the ideas presented by the other members of the group and begins barking orders at them, demanding to be healed.

With their captors in tow, the heroes return to Heidmarch Manor where Dorsavnil requests an audience with Sheila, showing her the shard.

As her reveals the artifact, Roland and Fijit notice a crack in her otherwise clam demeanor, as she pauses in awe before extending a carefully worded invitation to the group to come inside to talk.

In her parlor, Sheila explains that she believes that she knows what the artifact is and that her suspicion will be proved correct if an ioun stone that she provides will fuse to an indentation in the artifact.

She hands the stone to Dorsavnil who orders her to put her hands in his shoulders before placing the stone into the indentation. As he does so, there is a bright, coppery flash of light and the stone fuses with the shard.

Delighted, Sheila explains that the party has found an ancient Thassilonian artifact – the Shard of Pride, a fragment of of a larger artifact known as the First Sihedron of Xin – the founder of Thassilon.

What you have found, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle. Varisia has seen its share of miracles of late-the discovery of Xin-Shalast and the defeat of Runelord Karzoug, or Korvosa’s release from mad l leosa’s rule come to mind-but this discovery will soon be remembered as an equal to those events. This is a powerful Thassilonian artifact, a fragment of horacalcum and a portion of the Shattered Star of Xin: to be precise, the Shard of Pride. I suspect that the shard’s current carrier already knows more about it than I do, in fact… -Sheila Heidmarch

Sheila further informs the group that each shard is keyed to another shard in a sequence and that once a shard has been infused with the proper ioun stone someone concentrating on the next shard in the sequence will receive a vision of where that shard is.

With that knowledge, Dorsavnil concentrates on the shard and receives a vision of a massive stone column adorned with carvings of birds. As he describes it to the group, they collectively realize that the vision was of one of the pilings of the Irespan known as The Crow.

She tasks them with bringing her back a map of the interior of The Crow, should they gain entrance, and suggests that the party speak with her husband before leaving.

The group departs from Heidmarch Manor and returns to the Old Fang for the evening. At the bar, Roland strikes up a conversation with someone who explains that the mayor has finally issued a reward for anyone who can get to the bottom of the recent disappearances. Roland shares the information with the rest of the group who reminds me that they had previously learned about said disappearances and that they prevailing rumor pointed at slavers kidnapping locals to sell into servitude in Nidal.


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