The Once And Future King

The Investigation Continues

Oathday, 9 Gozran 4715 AR

Returning to the Amazing Zograthy, the party offers him two garnets for information to which the old Varisian agrees, telling them that while he knows nothing about any supposed “discovery” she may have made, but does confirm that she hasn’t been heard from recently among the Sczarni.

He adds that many folk along waterfront, both here in Beacon’s Point and over in Dockway and Underbridge, have been disappearing of late – a few each week, in fact, with many simply vanishing out of their very beds at night. He suspects Natalya is among those who have disappeared in this manner, and bitterly adds that as long as only poor Varisians and other destitute folk are being targeted, chances of the city doing anything about the disappearances is non-existant. The leading theory on the street is that the vanished folk are the victims of slavers who then secretly sell them offshore at night to Nidalese ships – but Zograthy doesn’t put much stock in such rumors.

With the exchange of information nearly complete, the old man clears his throat and extends his an palm. After much debate, the party gives him a single gold piece after which he quickly adds that Natalya was, at least until recently, a member of a Sczarni gang known as the Tower Girls, a group of cat burglars.

The Tower Girls themselves searching for Natalya, and word is that when they find her, she’ll be in deep trouble. He doesn’t know exactly what is going on with them but has heard them say that Natalya went mad before her disappearance.

The party inquires about where The Tower Girls can be found and Zograthy informs them that they have recently moved their hideout but were previously staying in the Underbridge with an unsavory character named Fenster The Blight.


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