The Once And Future King

Unlikely Allies

Toilday, 12 Desnus 4715 AR

The next morning, Fijit and Roland head out to Orphellia. The district has recently been suffering from flooding and portions of the cobblestone streets have been completely devoured by muddy sinkholes.

As they approach, a woman’s voice shouts out for help and ahead the see a woman holding onto a man’s arm raised from a massive sinkhole in the ground. Just as they rush in to help, the chittering sound of a massive swarm of rats can be heard from the alley behind them.

Roland rushes into to grab hold of the man’s arm and pull while Fijit turns to face the horde of rats. Combining all of the elements she would normally toss as an explosive mixture at enemies, the gnome instead tosser her head back and swallows the mixture – spitting out an explosive cone of fire from her mouth which completely incinerates the rat threat.

With the threat almost literally evaporated, Roland and the woman manage to pull the man, gasping for breath, out of the mud filled pit.

The woman introduces herself as Ylandria and the man as Eun. Two things are immediately noticeable about Eun, his Tian heritage – quite rare in Magnimar, and the fact that he wears a satek identical to the one found at The Dryad’s Trousseau.

When asked about it and the connection to the crime, Ylandria relates details of the robbery, claiming hat a group of distant Sczarni cousins recently moved into Twincandles territory. Some of these thugs accompanied Ylandria into Dockway in order to acquire a package from Elias Chert, a Twincandles ally. However, while Ylandria haggled with Chert over the price, the cousins decided to rob him instead, beating the man and cutting him with a poisoned dagger. The cousins then ransacked the shop after realizing they didn’t know where the package was kept.

While Ylandria tried to revive Chert, she was handed a compass and told to leave it by Chert’s body which she had dragged outside.

“Then, that weird plant came to life and attacked us. We got out of there with some of what we were lookin’ for, but I couldn’t leave Chert in there with that thing. I didn’t know if it would hurt him. It was a mess. I don’t know why they did it. There was no reason.” -Ylandria

She further explains that the Twincandles leadership has grown tired of their guests and are looking for a way to rid themselves of their “cousins”. Ylandra then posits that perhaps they have similar goals and offers to take the duo to their leadership.

The Twincandles leaders are a pair of Varisian siblings – Olivia and Jacek Giatano.

“Ylandria has informed us as to your business in Ordellia, and it’s fortunate for all of us that the goals of the Twincandles and the goals of the Pathfinders are as alike as two petals from the same bloom. We can tell you how to find the ones you seek-the scoundrels who attempt to debase your honor." -Olivia Giatano

The pair relates a similar tale to what Ylandria conveyed, adding that in an attempt to gain greater status in Sczarni circles, they had decided to move into the lucrative narcotics trade when their cousin, Titus Terliss, arrived with a savvy alchemist that he promised could aid in their new endeavor.

While they have never met the alchemist, the two seem to have their own agenda of late and have taken an ancient crypt beneath Two Lights as their base of operations.

With a mutual enemy and understanding, Fijit and Roland agree to enter the crypt and flush out their foes.


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