Eran Merripan

Azlanti cleric of Sarenrae


Reincarnated into a cloned body, Eran Merripan is the spitting image of Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust – a voluptuous woman with a seductive look, large, beguiling eyes and long dark flowing hair.


It was obvious that Eran was different from a very early age. He had a grace about him that seemed almost angelic. His parents, devout followers of Sarenrae, pushed him into service at Absalom’s Temple of the Shining Star where his healing abilities helped him quickly gain recognition among the temple’s many priests.

An abandoned shrine to Sarenrae exists in the Underbridge district of Magnimar. Eran has come to reclaim it and it’s missing artifacts. The Pathfinder Society may just provide him the means to bring the light of the Dawnflower to the darkened Underbridge once again.

Eran Merripan

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